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Bergkirchweih: history

Erlangen Bergfest endded… 😦 but I found more information on the Ger-sey Girl blog. See it below:

Bergkirchweih roughly translates as “the dedication of the mountain church,” referring to a church on the outskirts of Erlangen.

From the Erlangen website:

“When the city councils of the municipalities decided on 21st April 1755, to relocate the traditional Pfingstmarkt (fair on Pentecost) from the old town market up to the Burgberg (castle hill), they could hardly imagine what a significant decision they had made. This decision was the birthday of the Erlanger Bergkirchweih, a beer festival, which has been celebrated for more than 250 years every year for 12 days around Pentecost. When the Lord Mayor of Erlangen taps on the first beer barrel -opens herewith the “fifth season”, the Huguenot city will expecct more than one million visitors from near and far. Under the splendid old, chestnut trees decorated with Chinese lanterns, the thirsty festival guests can enjoy cool beer out of steins. Franconian dishes, like fried sausages or the well known Breze (pretzel), will be served as well as many international dishes, as Langos or Döner. Under the symbol of the Erlanger Bergkirchweih, the biggest portable Ferris wheel in Europe, the carnies present more than forty rides and carousels, from traditional to high-tech, and many in lottery booths, shooting galleries and sales booths.
Already more than 250 years ago the cellars of Erlanger Castle Hill were used by the local breweries to store their beer, so that even in the summer months it was always cool and fresh. Until the invention of refrigeration machine by Linde the local breweries benefited of this unique locational advantage explained the fame as the No.1 city of export beer even before Munich and Kulmbach. Not only Karl May praised the excellent quality of Erlanger beer in a book, even today the term “Erlanger” is a quality determination in the United States. “

Needless to say, being the 3rd largest Beer Festival in Bavaria, this is the highlight of the year hear in Erlangen. You can’t see it in the pictures, but many people wear traditional lederhosen and dirndls to the “Berg”.



M’atreviria a dir que aquesta setmana la paraula més utilitzada ha estat “der Berg” (montanya). Trending topic a Erlangen.

Doncs el festival és increíble tot ple de concerts i cervesa. Molt semblant al Volksfest de Nürnberg pel que fa la tradició alemanya de cervesa i Bratwurst. Semblant a l’Oktoberfest pels vestits tradicionals que tothom vesteix, tot i que no és una festa bàvara i per tant aquests no s’adiuen gaire.

És la festa de franconia on Erlangen ho representa molt bé. El lloc, a les montanyes “der Berg” on estan els cellers “der Keller” – kilòmetres i kilòmetres de tunels on es guarda la cervesa. Clar que al pas que van on els gots són d’1 litres o mig… la cervesa s’acabara algun dia.
Concerts a tot arreu, taules tipo camping per portar el teu menjar i gaudir de la música tradicional. “Hallihallo Elisabeth” “ein Prosit”



Nothing to do in Barcelona, so let’s try fortune somewhere else.

The chosen place is Erlangen in Germany, now Deutschland wo du Kartoffeln findest!! Patatoes, of course. Kartoffelsalat, Kartoffelchips…

My new adventure starts here with a new aim: to learn Deutsch.

New country, new culture, new food and new language. But the same iPhone and the same blog to post.

Willkomen to Erlangen, Willkomen to Mikado’s blog.