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Talbot Anniversari


Capital School of English

Last day in Capital School. I’ll miss it coz I had really funny times and also for the nice people I met there.

It has been an enjoyable experience!

I just want to thank all the people who makes my stay incredibly amazing!

Please, keep in touch!

“Come on let’s go to the party, let’s go, let’s go, let’s gooooo”

“Really? What a pitty!! How awful!! I can’t believe it!! Are u joking?”

Talbot Music Festival

The Talbot pub


Hey!! My new life starts here in this special place, the Talbot pub. This is going to be my new house. Looks amazing and a bit alcoholical, but beyond the booze there are my friends.

People who I met the first time I was here and people which I shared lot of moments. Of course lovely people and glad to see them again.

Initially, The Talbot pub was an hotel but this was long time ago… Nowadays it is only a pub with a new image very different from what use to be in their plight. We can say that it is an amazing, gorgeous and lively pub where the music and sports are the predominant.

The picture had been taken from the library park view, how I like this park.



First of all, apologize me for giving up the blog for a few days. I’ve recently moved to Bournemouth!

Bournemouth is a large coastal town. As well, is a nice and beautiful place with good weather. Maybe we can do an exception of England because it’s a warm place and it rains a few. (this is what I saw, although people says that this weather is not normal! Climatic change? Who knows!)

I’m glad to come back and meet my old friends and I’m sure I’m going to live one of the best experiences of my live. Pretty sure =)