Hi everyone!

Eli Sangrà is the name my parents gave me.

Born in Barcelona one day in 1988. The same year when Rain Man won the Oscar for the best film; the same year when Alf was first broadcasted on TV; the same year when Michael Jackson released the film Moonwalker; the same year when was forged one of the best football teams in the history, the Dream Team.

When I was born: music was on TDK D90 cassettes, VHS was the best video quality, phones were tied to cables, Internet was still in its infancy and social networking was unthinkable.

Today, years of digital revolutions…

My life philosophy is “Carpe diem”, every day is unique. It is time to live the moment.

I’m an audiovisual communicator and a future telecommunications engineer. A soccer lover, passionate videogamer and fascinated by each great opportunity the Internet offers us.

My experience not only qualify me in the Digital Marketing sector, it also taught me that the Internet raises voices from different parts in the world and makes them audible for everybody. We need to be able to make them feel recognized and understood.

I hope you enjoy this blog. =)