Today I was talking in twitter about Guille Milkyway and his band “La Casa Azul” (literal translation: the blue house).

LCA is an indie pop group founded in 1997, emerged from Barcelona. The main composer is Guille Milkyway, a genious, awesome and brilliant musician. Also he had composed for cinema and advertising.

The international projection about LCA is increasing. In the discography we can find the last cd,”La nueva YMA SUMAC“, is a remake of their most poplar songs but translated and adecuated into English, Japanese and French.

The activity is rigth now a bit stop, it is a break of inspiration. However, Guille is working for a new songs (I think or maybe I want to think).

What I like is the rhythm of the songs and their instruments, is vital and very happy. But if you pay attention to the lyrics is so sad and really true what he say. This mixture is incredibly and powerfull. I can feel the sadness/pain described in most of the lyrics but its melody makes me happy and makes my life happy. It’s so crazy!

Indie’s music is taking relevant in the music world and I’m sure LCA could be one of the best groups in indie pop music.

I would finish this post with the live song “Cerca de Shibuya” (Near from Shibuya). I hope you enjoy it.