Today I’ve started the course “Enterprise 2.0: social networking and communications” in the IESE Business School. Interesting course that approximates you into the Internet as new media where everything is to explore.

On today, “2.0” sounds pretty good. I like all the things that are called 2.0, maybe because is something with a cool connotation or tech or sophisticated. It sounds great!


Ok. Returning to the conference…

The daily topic was Marketing 2.0 vs traditional Marketing by Toni Mascaró. Interesting topic. I thought that it could be a bit difficult for me understanding because I have little knowledge about marketing. But it was easy to understand, because marketing is like a strategy. You want to know the people and know all the information as is possible, to give them what they want. And if you take a group or segment with the same needs, better for you.

About the conference there are two interesting things I want to share:

  • If you are active on Internet through social networks, blogs or giving feedback with your comments, you can think that exist something called “privacity”. This is false, you can protect the things that you upload and post, but you can’t protect all the information that your friends or contacts give. Information as the group where your friends classified your name-contact, your tags in your own blog, your followers,… And all this information can be used for a marketing studies and advertisement campaigns.
  • On Internet exists a lot of interesting websides that you could think are unuseful. Maybe because is not connected with your job or interest. However this sort of webside have an important relevance if you know how can it use. Maybe you don’t need them but is important to know about, maybe you can make profits of this. Who knows?

Some websides and apps: Google Analytics,, Instagram, Runkeeper.