La Maria, en Guillem, el Jorge, en Tristán i el Gerard són “The city’s last noise”. The city’s last noise és un grup emergent de Barcelona que acaba de grabar la seva primera demo. Ha participat en diferents concursos musicals i ha obtingut molt bons resultats.

Han arribat a la final del concurs “Indi·pendent” a la sala Apolo 2.  Seleccionats per el “samsung rock&call”. I ara escollits per participar en el concurs “Go blind” de Blind records.

La seva música és una barreja entre rock, progressive i psychedelic. La veritat és que sona molt bé així que us animo a que l’escolteu i la jutjeu vosaltres mateixos. Segur que us agradarà…

¬¬ Bones

You could not believe this brightness
That flows through my lips
Voices coming from the mirrors
Are crying my name

“I feel like a snake”
Sick of love for Seth

We’ve changed our God for lust
We skin our lands for time
Our wicked ways of lies
They have poisoned our brains!

And I fall into my sickness
Way down through my veins

Stop! Now I understand
They won’t let me go!
They want to make their home of me

Our season now goes by…
Our time-lust now becomes bones

It cuts my eyes
For our guilt to see
Our guilt to see!

Make it implode inside, yeah!
It cuts and it cuts my heart
Am I the only one? May I save time?
Need some, need some
Immortal lie…

“You’re not the one”
“Forget yourself”
“We’ll die for you”
“You’ll die instead”
“You don’t belong”
“Forget yourself”
Red demons are
Our own betray!

Where is my power now?
Where are our wolves now?
Is this the final sound?
I’ve lost my mind!